Finding leather in Florence is not a difficult task but finding the good quality and a good service along with it much a different story! If you are looking for a place that joins quality and assistance and guidance to your choice you cannot miss a visit to the Peruzzi store in Borgo de Greci and Via dell’ Anguillara in Santa Croce.

From the words of the web site The site is not only a showcase with a catalog of products, but to offer a direct contact with the client and a window on the world Peruzzi .

Leather Shopping at Peruzzi

Borgo dei greci, 8 rosso Firenze

You can visit the official web site of Peruzzi or visit the Official Peruzzi facebook page

The company, founded by my father in 1948  is still family-run commercial and even today, after sixty years , you will find the same quality and attention to detail as always. In addition sessantt’anni of experience are our greatest guarantee for articles of high quality , our company aims in fact to fine garments and leather products , carefully chosen and finished and we are confident that you will appreciate the quality and the excellence of materials and careful craftsmanship.

Do not forget also that I personally guarantee the quality of the goods! We believe that customer satisfaction comes first and that is why you will have a customer service tip , accurate and efficient .

The greatest joy is knowing that you will enjoy your purchase for many years to come and if you have the opportunity to move from Florence visit us in our shop , we look forward to welcoming you.