Luggage And Storage Services In Florence

While travelling abroad dragging around luggage can be a real pain, especially when you need just a few hours to kill waiting to move on to the next holiday destination. For those who plan to stay in Florence longer, the problem can be even bigger after some additional kilos of purchases done during the stay.

How to ship some goods back to home, which services are available, where to find them? We’ll do our best to answer all these question so read on!

Luggage storage service for tourists is something that is widely available at all main train station throughout Italy. It’s an expensive service but organized and simple to use. It’s well suited from few hours to 1 or 2 days.

luggage and storage services in Florence Italy

Storage Spaces ARE Available at SMN Train Station.

The Florence Santa Maria Novella Train Station (SMN for short) offers convenient storage spaces for most of your luggage from a few hours to a full day. Please do consider that the storage space is locker size so enough for 1 item / baggag per locker.

The service is available every day right next to the train station’s track number 16 on the main floor. It’s open from 6 am to 11 pm. Tariffs starts at:

  • 6,00 € for the first 5 hours.
  • 0,90 € for every hour exceeding the 6th until the 12th hours.
  • 0,40 € for every hour exceeding the 12th.

Note that the storing of luggage for 24 hours will incur in the following fee: 6,00 € for the first six hours + 5,40 € for the following six hours. The first 12 hours will cost you 11,40 € while the following 12 hours 4,80.

What About Storage Space At The Airport?

The Florence Peretola Airport is still a reasonably small and busy airport. There are approved plans to enlarge the passenger hall and services but it’s still an ongoing work. It is also a NON transit so either you depart or arrive: it’s unlikely to have wait over time. Anyhow if you do have to leave the airport the best option is to take your luggage with you and head to train station if you just have a few hours to wait.

Long Term Rental Storage Services.

The North American typical self storage facility is something not very common in Italy so expecyt very few services designed to let you *pack your house*! Italians have the tendency of moving from one place to another with timing or using the help of a moving company which does hold the good until it’s possible to deliver to the new place.

Many of our costumers stay in Florence for extended period of time: from few weeks to several months. During these extended period of time the need for a temporary storage area can be essential. Moving from one apartment to another one, going back home for a month and then returning to a different property.

These are all cases were does not make sense to move all your belongings and send them home to then bring them back. Some property owner might be willing to keep your belongings for a few weeks but there are cases where a more durable solution is needed.

Short term rental self storage spaces are though becoming more present and Florence has luckily one.

self-storage-service-florenUnfortunately the choice is currently very limited at least for now, the best option is to opt for services like Silea Self Storage or  BoxOk. The latter one is a slightly different service: you send your belongings to them and they store the boxes in a deposit in North area of Italy. When you need one, two, more or all your boxes they will deliver them to your door in Italy.

Alternatively you can look for some “Facchinaggio e servizio deposito e magazzinaggio” companies which are basically moving / relocation services with storage facilities. Keep in mind these are more suitable for locals vs tourists. A saved search of these companies is available here.

Shipping & Forwarding Services in Florence

There are chances you will prefer simply shipping your items back home to lower your baggage weight and don’t incur in ticket overcharge for excessive weight. Regular services include DHL, FedEx, UPS are all available in Florence as back home.

A very popular service among tourists is the one provided by MailBoxes ETC Florence. Many of their offices are located in the city center and can assist very professionally shipping to most countries. They can suggest what can be shipped, any import duty tax on goods and many other useful information.

In same cases MBE offices might willing to store your suitcases as well.

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