Santo Spirito is a great district for night life with its many bars, cafe and restaurants all around the Piazza, it can get very active at night, especially in summer.  For those that don’t want to jam in the bars the stairs off the church are always crowded with people drinking beer, wine playing songs or just chatting.  It’s a very social place for meeting people.

The list of bars around the Piazza Santo Spirito:

Cabiria Lounge Bar is one the oldest cafè in Piazza Santo Spirito, the name  was inspired by the film of Federico Fellini’s Nights of Cabiria and immediately conjures up the nightlife with beautiful people, music and social life. A modern, current and trendy atmosphere that resembles’ the old cafés of Paris, the Cabiria is the meeting point for each target.

Cabiria Bar in Florence

Piazza Santo Spirito 4/R Firenze tel. +39 055 215732

You can visit the official Bar Cabiria Web Site or check the Bar Cabiria facebook page

An ex laboratory: welcome to Volume!

The recently opened Volume is right next to Cabiria so you can zip in and out the two for maximum joy! The history of the place connects the past and present of the Florentines Botteghe (artisan shops) the space was prior occupied by the famous Bini laboratories which made shapes for hats and also from this shapes made unique statues with shapes of hats with a different angle.  The laboratory did very well until recent years when the last member of the family died and the business was shut down.

Volume in Florence, Italy

Piazza Santo Spirito 5/r Florence Phone +39 055 238 1460
You can view the Official Volume web site here or visit the Volume facebook page

Now the Library, Cafè, Museum Volume offers a space for reading, visiting pieces of the laboratory still preserved intact, hosts artwork’s galleries and exhibitions.  Volume’s space is also given to young musicians who performs a few nights a week, get your groove on.

For your drinking (responsibly) habit! The Pop Cafè

Pop Cafè is another popular place, once again in Santo Spirito in Florence if you have visited the previous two above then most likely you’ll step in here too.  The space is very crowded especially later on at night and it’s a hippy style place for artists lovers, it’s a really hub of Santo Spirito.


piazza santo spirito 18a/r,  firenze – tel circolo 055/213852

You can also visit the Pop Cafè Official Web Site or check out the Pop Cafè official Facebook Page

Check this cool video for Pop Cafè