This article will provide you with the guidelines to use effectively the offer based system provided by Firenze Lodging.

Selecting the property you wish to offer: Properties not published cannot be offered!

From the drop down menu is possible to select the property you want to offer, keep in mind that:

  • A property that is not published cannot be offered.
  • For the same request is not possible to offer the same property more than once, but it’s still possible to modify the offer where the property has been offered.

Arrival, Departure and # of Clients: do not modify if not arranged so with Client!

These data are submitted by the Client at the time of the initial request, there is no need to modify them as long as it’s not arranged so with the Client via the message board for example:  the Client specifies that will be needing the property for different arrival / departure dates or number of people coming you can then change them accordingly.

Expiration of the offer: crisis times set it at least at 2 weeks!

The offer based system on Firenze Lodging allows to set automatically an expiration day for the offer that will expire and be removed from the system.  Within this time frame the Client will be able to book the offer and get instant confirmation.  The default expiration setting for the offer is 4 days, which these days is very, very short as Clients receive many offers and need a long time to confirm.

It’s highely reccomended you specify at least 10 to 15 business days.  Keep in mind you can anytime withdraw the offer if you need to sell the period to someone else.

Total Price and Booking Deposit: total price, means total price! Handle booking deposit with Care!

When making your offers you will be presented with fields for inserting the total price for your client’s request.  The total price means total price for example: a three months stay will be priced 800  € x 3 months = 2400 € it’s important to specify the amount correctly because Client will think that a three months stay will only cost 800 € if you provide a price by the month.  If the booking gets confirmed the Client can pretend ONLY 800 € are to be paid a good deal indeed!

The booking deposit is paid by the Client thanks to the paypal payment system enabled on Firenze Lodging.  The amount you specify can be equal to the commission agreed with Firenze Lodging and this makes life easy for anyone but if you want can be higher.  If you require a higher booking deposit for example a 30% of the total rental costs Firenze Lodging will process this on your behalf and upon arrival of the Client will invoice the commission agreed and wiretransfer the difference between the commission and the extra amount you have requested for your booking deposit.

Please note that Firenze Lodging will wire tranfer the amount minus the commission sustained to process the higher booking deposit on your behalf, following the commission applied at the moment of the transaction, see for more nformation.  Do click on the ICON ? next to the text fields for more information, reading usually solves all the doubts.

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