Extra Costs & Terms & Conditions: the heart of the offer review and edit them accordingly!

The total price specified can be all inclusive or there might be other extra costs to be addressed for final cleaning, other additional services and so on here is the place where you can be very detailed about what the price includes or not.  Remember Clients always want to know exactly what their further expenses will be so, make sure it’s easy to understand and hidden fees free.

It’s extremely important when editing the offer with arrival and departure information, number of guests, total price and booking deposit you have to pay attention to the Terms & Conditions as well because they reflects all the points you are specifying in the offer.

If you are asking a 10% in the booking deposit make sure in the Terms & Conditions the data is formatted correctly, booking deposit says 10% the terms & Co. says 30% it only confuses the Client.  We all know how picky these days Clients can be so making this mistake can result in loosing a jucy booking.

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