If you are like me and always hid in the back of the line during field trips and scolded for not paying attention, growing up maybe you haven’t changed much and you are still probably not a fan of squads of umbrellas, yellow numbers on your shirt and tour guides directing the orchestra.


If you would rather be an independent traveler but still want to learn from knowledgeable scholars what you can’t quite understand in depth on your own about the places and things you visit, now “Yes You Can”, with invaluable tips from experts in their field more than happy to give you personalized tours in several cities and luckily Florence as well.

Context travel website comes with their mission statement:

Context is a network of architects, historians, and art historians who organize walking seminars for intellectually curious travelers. Our walks last anywhere from three hours to all day, and provide an in-depth alternative to traditional tours. Some things that distinguish us:

Small Groups (6 people max)
walks are led by Ph.D.-level scholars and historians
Seminars: like going back to college
Not a tour company; no umbrellas
Context currently operates in seven cities around the world, pairing intellectually adventurous travelers with specialists for in-depth cultural experiences.

Plan and book ahead of time

Make sure you book your enlightening tour in Florence ahead of time, context travel offers personalized tours of the city of Florence for you to get a real experience, no umbrellas.

Happy cultural city sightseeing 🙂