Florence”s young generation 20’s to 40’s  seems hard to be found at night in Florence city center is this true?  Yes with over 15 years of experience with Florence nightlife the main issue is that there is a split between young students coming from abroad to study and Florentine youths.

Florence bar

Florentines are well known for being a little closed to new friendships and this will be confirmed if you ask to some foreigner resident if they ever had problems building friendship with locals in the City.

It’s also true that getting in the city center is a pure maze for residents…night Limited Traffic Zone aka ZTL, fines, car towed it’s very easy to give up hope and don’t adventure in the beautiful city center.

Signs in Florence

Florentines move in group of friends and even among us we hardly make new friendship at first sight, so don’t expect to sit in a bar and start making friends, this might not happen.  It’s also true that once you connect with someone most likely will be your friends for life.  Friendship it’s very important issue and the friends you make are those you keep from kids to adults.

If you want to take a look at local places that are hot today here are few ones to go be sure there will be locals.

Otel Variete it’s been a hit for the past 4 – 5 years it still very good on Friday Otel Variete Facebook Group here

Florence @ night

In Santa Croce area there are two open bars that are good to mention:

Oibo’ with this active facebook group in Borgo dei Greci 1/a right by Piazza Santa Croce

Rex is in Via Fiesolana just follow up from Oibo’ all the way opposite side from Arno River.

Happy Florentine Friends Search, one is here!

Photos Courtesy of House of Sim