Why shouldn’t I be driving in Florence with my big’ol family van ?

Florence wasn’t meant for cars, this is something you really need to take into serious and great account when planning your trip.  We deal every day with heavy traffic congestion just to move within few kilometers, it happens every day, all day.

Check out this straightforward video for one roundabout.

The historical center of the city it’s in most cases not allowed to traffic at all, in case you make it through with condescended traffic policemen you still will be driving in one little maze.

Italians / Florentine will make you feel very uncomfortable with eardrum-blowing honking horned and furious yells.  This is what to expect when found blocking the way with your map spread on your windshield and blinking direction lights…  Try to believe it 🙂

What if I desperately need to rent a car for my innocent day trip out of Florence?

Promise you will zoom out at dawn and come back late at night !  I am just kidding but if renting a car is unavoidable when taking daily excursions to Siena, Volterra or any other little Tuscan treasures while taking a beautiful drive in through the country this is what to do:

You can find car rental places at the airport in Peretola or you have plenty of choice in the area of Borgognissanti and south of the train station Santa Maria Novella, Via Maso Finiguerra.

You can choose from the following car rental agencies:

  • Avis Car Rental Florence Borgognissanti 108, Firenze
  • EuropCar Florence Car Rental various addresses in Florence
  • Maggiore Car Rental in Florence Via Maso Finiguerra 13/r

You can also use web based multi brand car rental services from web-car-hire/Florence

Happy driving in Florence 🙂

Pics Steering Wheel credit http://www.flickr.com/photos/pmarkham/3653262548/