In Sant’ Ambrogio the district of Piazza Ciompi, Via Pietrapiana, Piazza Ghiberti very few Florentines do not know Fabio Picchi an example that artists can also make their masterworks behind a kitchen, and this would be to say the least.

Trattoria Cibreo in Florence

Address: Via Andrea del Verrocchio, 8, Florence, Italy

Phone:+39 055 234 1100

You can review the Official Cibreo web site or check the Official Cibreo Facebook Page

Sir Fabio Picchi and his four sons has managed to integrate restaurant and art and poetry with a caffè, a restaurant and a trattoria so that everyone can fit into the desired budget!

The Cibrèo, opened in 1979, is an institution in the city the extreme attention to detail, the decor family, the professionalism of the staff and some books on display near the cash register on whose cover was printed the face of this man haired and white-bearded and sincere smile.

On YouTube you can review videos of recipes, anecdotes, stories of a Florence viewed by a Poet, little Italian is required by visual information should be enough to get you in the atmosphere.

The restaurant is more high priced, the trattoria is affordable and well run, the caffè is perfect for a stop during your touring so what else could you ask for?