Hello everyone! The 6th of January has passed. It was the day of the Befana and the saying in Italy is that the Befana (also known as Epiphany) takes all the holidays away. So on one hand it is a little sad that the working days are back. Florence though, to console everyone has a jolly up its sleeve…The sales begin! And that means many more happy faces 🙂

Sales in Florence

Normally most shops put up sales from the 5th as well, but never bother to ask if the offers are on before the Sales board is put up! The sales period will go on up to the 5th of March. So take your wallets with you and go straight into the center, there is a lot of choices around 🙂

Or incase you want to be in a very concentrated area with yet a lot of options, then go to the Mall or I Gigli. Both are accessible by car or else their is a bus that takes you there as well.

For Gigli: Take the number 30 or 35 from SMN station.

For The Mall: Take the Sita bus from the SMN station for details and timings tclick here.