The history of S. Maria del Fiore starts in the 1296 when the architect Arnolfo di Cambio went in with the design of the building. In the 1300 the works went under the supervision of Giotto; since the middle of the fourteenth century some improvements were applied to the original project until the entire building cover was made thanks to the genius of Brunelleschi that through a complex architectonic system succeeded to erect the huge dome that dominates the entire town.

Santa Maria Del Fiore in Florence

On the 25th of March 1436 the Dome was consecrated by the Pope Eugenio IV. The decoration of the front of the church go back to more recent time: it was realized at the end of the 1800 in Neo-Gothic style.

What you should you see in Santa Maria del Fiore?

For a full insight of this magnificent building I recommend to read the History of the Florence Cathedral on Wikipedia, there you will find detailed history of the Church, history of the construction, main paintings and sculpture and all the info to be a proficient expert on the subject!

Don’t leave this area without:

  • View the facade standing still for about 10 minutes, pay attention to the main door and the statues all around the facade.
  • Circle around the entire building at least once, it’s good exercise!
  • Go up the Cupola hiking up 465 stairs steps! To go up you need to look at the facade and walk along the right side where you’ll find another entrance!

Fore more information about visits and museums ticket’s price check the Opera del Duomo web site