Via Gioberti streches from Piazza Beccaria till Piazza Alberti and is probably one of the most well known shopping areas in Florence, it’s in fact called the Via delle Cento Botteghe or in English the street of the 100’s shops.

Shopping in Florence Via Gioberti

Please note that here is not tourist trap and that’s where people from the area and Florence come for their shopping so make sure you check it out for gifts to bring home.

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You can choose to shop for anything you’d like from Apparel Accessories, Womens and Men’s Clothing, Foodstuffs, Home Textiles, Bijoux, Footwear and just simply name it!

Via Gioberti for its shopping nature and high level residential area of Florence often hosts street festivals, celebration and more as for example the Notte Bianca of Via Gioberti a special evening when all stores keep open passed the closing hours.