What about doing some shopping in Florence during your stay, not only souvenirs for friends and family yes they are always welcome but some real past – window shopping! Where are the best places to do some shopping in Florence? Well here’s a list of the main streets you want to check out for a break from heavy museum visiting? Here a brief collection of Florence city center streets for your money burning!

Via Roma the street of Luisa, Gucci, Prada & Co.

Shopping Via Roma in Florence

Via Roma starts from Piazza San Giovanni to Piazza della Repubblica and give room to not economy stores like Gucci, Prada, the recently closed Raspini, the famous and trendy Luisa, Miù Miù and more! Unless you’re a rich tourist Arab, Chinese, American or Russian Oligarch some of this stores might be out of your league but hey, you can still pretend to be one, look & try will not cost you much!

Via Calzaiuoli do it The Struscio like a Florentine.

Shopping in Via dei Calzaiouli

Via Calzaiouoli is well know among Floretines to be the street of the “struscio” what does it mean? Well Florentines like to dress up nice on Saturday and Sundays and have a relaxing walk around the city center and Via Calzaiouli is probably the most frequented streets of them all! It connects Piaza San Giovanni to Piazza della Signoria and its sided by a great variety of small to medium and large stores: souvenirs, shirts, sunglasses, clothing, phones you name it! Unlike Via Roma brands here are more down to earth and meet the budget and the medium tourist, beside trying this time you can actually buy something!

Via del Corso from Piazza della Repubblica to Santa Croce.

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Another great stroll on your holiday in Florence is the one from Piazza della Repubblica to the area of Santa Croce. Via del Corso is a narrow street with a lot of souvenirs, cafe shops, soap and perfumes stores, antique Botteghe turned into more modern stylish stores and so on.  On the way you might want to stop to have a coffee at Chiaroscuro, listen to some cool music at the Chiesa of Santa Maria dei Ricci, do some shopping at