It is always great to learn new recipes especially from different cultures. Well anyone is mad about the Indian cuisine. So why not plan a day or two of Indian cooking lessons? It is very simple, there is one place just perfect for a nice get together with friends and learn some top quality dishes..the Indian style ūüôā

The 3 hour lesson guided with the Chef and a very helpful and generous Manager. Along with his wife the Restaurant is run very well. Well organized, lots of space for the customers, very welcoming and delicious food.

So, at the end of the lessons, after a delightful touch of masalas and curries you have the opportunity to eat everything you have prepared! So if you follow the chef’s advise I am sure you will have a delicious meal waiting for you!

Cost of the lesson is just 25euros per person.
Via Fratelli Rosselli 33, Florence, Tel: 055 355695
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