So, you are a student looking for a long term rental in Florence, cheap and nice?! Well, it will be hard to find a really *cheap apartment* but Florence has a very wide range of accommodation for students.  It will take time and patience to find the perfect apartment and it’s common sense to examine all the possibilities you can find as it will be one place where you will live every day.

We offer at some apartments suitable for long term rentals in Florence and keep adding flats in order to offer you the most comprehensive and valuable choice.

When you search and send inquiries either to our rental agency or to landlords, other agencies, or classifieds sites such as Craigslist be sure you specify the school you are going to attend, the period of length you are going to need the apartment for, and your general preferences.  This will help owners and agencies to better narrow the list of available properties to offer you.  You will benefit more from a selection of suitable properties for rent in Florence for long term if you provide at least information about: preferred location, size of the house, maximum overall budget.

It’s also very important to specify the number of people coming in the party, if you require all individual bedrooms, if you will be willing to share a bedroom in two / three, the number of bathrooms you would like and so on., the more the better!

Generally a two bedrooms apartment might cost from 1200 Euro a month plus utilities to 1800 Euro a month.   It’s not easy to find much larger apartments so keep this in mind.

This article will keep being updated so please feel free to add your comments below.