Like in the Florence old days when the Arno was not too much polluted and people use to bath and fish, today Florence Administration has promoted a nice area for at least little sun bathing, don’t dare swimming, not yet!

Sun Bathing in the Arno

The water level of the Arno goes pretty low during the summer, thus leaving many suitable spots to stretch a carpet and sunbathe till late in the evening.The city council have provided part of the river bank with a few umbrellas and beds free of cost for those interested in relaxing and enjoying the cool wind around the Arno. You have even a choice to get a game of volleyball going, since the Volley ground definitely does not want to be left out of the scene.

When the light dies out the night brings life to lots of pubs, off which two are right there, giving the right tip to continue chilling near the river. The Eskimo, is a pub which opens up just for the summer months gathering a decent crowd whereas Chioschino is an open bar situated right on the mouth of the entrance to the mini-beach. There you go, another great occasion to be experienced. After all its too easy to create wonderful moments in this city!