Tasty, healthy and low cost! Thats the brief description of  sushi . Its on everyone’s hot list and now has become more of a maniaFlorence is already crawling with sushi bar/restaurants. A touch of class, some wine or a cocktail to accompany a vast choice of options from the sushi magic box. Then there is the sake, a Japenese rice based alcoholic drink that is commonly used during meals.


 Whether you wan to eat in or take away, have a quick meal for lunch break or make reservations for celebrating a birthday, the staff always have a solution. Try the special menu to eat upto your satisfaction for just 10 euros! Here is a list of a few interesting sushi joints around the city: Sushi, Sushi mania, Pin Gusto , Ristorante Hong Kong, Kome, Eito. Buonapetito