Either prior departure or when in Florence it might be useful to know how to get a Taxi in Florence, this brief article will give you the basic information to help you scooting around Florence.

From airport
If you arrive by airport at Florence Peretola you will find a line of taxis ready to pick you up in front of the arrival exit.  Fortunately being a somewhat developed country you have no risk to being offered taxi service from unlicensed cars.

From train station
If you arrive by the train station in Santa Maria Novella at both exits you will find the taxi stand to take you were you need.

From your flat
If you are already in Florence the best way to catch a cab is… NOT JUMPING IN THE MIDDLE OF THE STREET, WAVING, WHISTLING, DOES NOT WORK!  Taxis in Florence works only by telephone call & reservation or if you reach a Taxi stand.

Photos courtesy Ganzopowers, Socota