Florence Italy is situated in the beautiful region of Tuscany and is currently one of the country’s main tourist attractions.

The city has been Italy’s center of art and politics during the renaissance period and continues to make an important contribution to global culture. Florence is currently a top rated vacation destination, a unique mix of tradition, culture and fascinating style.

Having a stylish vacation in Florence and maintaining a moderate budget can be quite a challenge. However, modern apartments in Florence are available for rent at prices ranging from 300 to 1300 euros per week. Firenzelodging.it provides accurate information and useful reviews of rental apartments and villas in Florence.

Situated in the very heart of Italy, Florence is everything you expect to find in a modern European metropolis. With excellent restaurants, designer stores and a sizzling nightlife, you will never have one dull moment in Florence. The city also has an impressive cultural heritage and you will be amazed with the quality of Florence’s art and architecture. When traveling to Florence there are a few must see objectives that should top your list. The Florence Dome is one of the city’s most distinctive sights with an incredible view over Florence. If you’re an art lover, the Uffizi should be your first destination. This popular museum is home to the finest collection of renaissance art in the entire world, with over 1700 paintings and 300 sculptures. At firenzelodging.it you will find apartments in Florence in any price range.

Florence is a very popular tourist destination, especially during the spring and fall seasons. Apartments in Florence are a very convention choice of accommodations. The apartments greatly vary in sizes and you can choose to stay in the heart of Florence or at its outskirts. Many apartments and villas in Florence offer fully equipped kitchens, linens and modern furnishings. Rentals are usually by week or month but you can also find apartments priced by day. Utilities are usually included in the price so you won’t have to worry about unexpected extra costs. For information on finding apartments and villas in Florence visit firenzelodging.it.

Renting an apartment or villa in Florence for your stay there is highly convenient. The rental prices are much cheaper than hotel rates and the accommodations are very comfortable and stylish. You can choose an apartment according to size or decoration style. Modern and sleek apartments are a very popular choice but you can also go for the elaborately furnished ones in classical Tuscan style. Most apartments and villas are also available for more than just the holiday season – students and businessmen often rent apartments in Florence for a few moths as they are very conveniently priced.

The beautiful region of Tuscany is nothing short of a dream destination. Situated in the heart of Tuscany, Florence is the perfect blend of traditional and modern. If you’re considering traveling to Florence and don’t want to spend your time in an uninviting hotel suite, you should consider renting an apartment or villa. Apartments in Florence come in a variety of sizes, styles and price ranges. At firenzelodging.it you can find information and reviews on beautiful villas in Florence.

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