After having spent all day visiting museums and monuments is nice to go out at night …

Florence is a great city that offers various café, night clubs, pubs and disco bars. Many of these places like to change name, look and people so it can happen that every year is different from the previous one.

Florence by Night Courtesy ramoncutanda

One of the most famous streets of the Florentine night life is the Santa Croce area especially in via de’ Benci (the second half of the streat is via Verdi where the homonymous theatre is).

We are in the heart of Florence close to Piazza Signoria and Ponte Vecchio.
It’s very rich on pubs, restaurants, trattorias, ice cream shops, sushi bars etc. You will find young couples toasting with a glass of red wine, groups of friends who like to stay out until late on Friday night or people who leave the theatre and want to eat something in the so many good restaurants of the area.






Santa Croce area becomes even more beautiful on Xmas time where the actual square becomes a German market with various stands offering typical German product but also interesting ideas for gifts. But also in the summer you can walk down the narrow streets remembering to stop for an ice cream at the Gelateria de’ Neri, just at the beginning of the homonymous street.

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