The belfry, named also Giotto Tower (Torre of Giotto), is 84 meters tall; even though the stairs to reach the top of the building are tiring when on top the panorama is marvelous. Giotto made only the design of the belfry while the manufacture was made in the following years thanks to Andrea Pisano.

Il Campanile di Giotto

Il campanile di Giotto is another piece of Art that makes Florence a worldwide tourist attraction, I personally prefer the views from the top of the Cupola of Brunelleschi but it’s as said personal.

Things you should know about the Campanile di Giotto

  • It was designed and built by Giotto
  • The last three top levels were built afterwards by Francesco Talenti
  • Il campanile di Giotto has seven bells: Campanone (“biggest bell”) La Misericordia (“mercy bell”) Apostolica, Annunziata, Mater Dei (“God’s Mother bell”) L’Assunta, and L’Immacolata

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