Can you fit a profitable business in less than 5 square meters? In Florence yes, the Fratellini or “Little Brothers” in Via dei Cimatori actually do the impossible and offer the most delicious mini sandwich and a small glass of wine (or 2, 3, 4 as you prefer) in a non stop human automation chain mode that will make you dizzy! Don’t expect to sit unless you find an empty spot on the curb and your glass of wine will have to find space on board where half the glass will balance in the air!

Dai Fratellini in Via dei Cimatori

I might not say the exact number but I think they can prepare about 30 or 50 mini panini in an hour and it’s just about less! ┬áIf you happen to be in Via dei Cimatori, you have to try some of their sandwiches, you will not regret!

Dai Fratellini in Via dei Cimatori-website

I Fratellini s.n.c. – Via dei Cimatori 38/r, Firenze Call. +39 055 239 6096


Picture Credit Henry via Flickr