An American way to start your day! Fried eggs, bacon and sausages, pancakes, milkshakes, cheese burgers and all the ingredients for a complete breakfast 🙂 Its all about The Diners. From via ghibellina just take the first right and keep going straight, about 80 meters and you are right in front of this delicious restaurant.

The Diner in Florence

Via dell’Acqua, 2
50100 – Firenze
Phone: +39 055 29 07 48

Not only Americans are fond of Diners. Families and friends even from Florence have appreciated this completely different way of having breakfast. One might say that not every European is satisfied with a croissant and a coffee for breakfast, or even having something else during the day for a change. Well the idea has definitely brought some crowd and it sure will not stop here. For me the pancakes were very tasty and my memories will surely make me go back again 🙂