The first three Pizzerias of Florence


Do not you think that good pizza is only in Naples? Also in Florence we boast a wide choice of places where you can taste “the real Italian Pizza”.


Bianca Zero Zero


Have you ever heard about the “Roman pinsa”?  Here is the novelty that proposes the new pizzeria “Bianca Zero Zero”, which now appears on the Florentine scene.


The Roman pinsa dates back to ancient Rome. Its peculiarity is the recipe, which is obtained with a mix of soft wheat flour, soy and rice risen for a minimum of 48 hours. The careful choice of ingredients makes this particular pizza tasty, digestible and low-calorie.


Santa Lucia


The Santa Lucia pizzeria restaurant has been a guarantee for many years. A delicious soft well seasoned pizza, in other words, one of the best pizzas in Florence. A well-kept placed dedicated to quality catering but with moderate prices. Synonymous with hospitality and attention to detail, made for customers who do not look for a simple pizza but a real culinary experience.


Lo Spera

There is a pizzeria in Florence, “Lo Spera” pizzeria in Via della Cernaia, which is very special. Indeed, it boats a pizza made by no less then a pizza chef  who is the World Pizza Champion. The unusual fact is that the renowned champion is a woman. Her name is Elena Spera, who is the daughter of the historic owner Salvatore, who founded and gave the name to the pizzeria.  In fact, Elena has won the 11th World Championship of Pizza held in Salsomaggiore Terme, prevailing over 333 competitors.