The church of Sant’ Ambrogio was mentioned for the first time in 988 as a building constructed on the site where in the year 393 would have been hosted St. Ambrose in visiting Florence, but perhaps it is even older, perhaps built in the seventh century as a chapel of a convent built in memory of the passage of the Saint.

The Church of Sant'Ambrogio in Florence


Since 1401 to all those who visit the church on December 7, during the celebration of St. Ambrose, is granted a special indulgence. There have been also solemn festivities for the Holy Miracle on the occasion of the 700th (1930) and the 750th (1980) anniversary.

Some operas in Sant’ Ambrogio are now in the uffizi including those from Masolino and Masaccio Filippo Lippi,  Sandro Botticelli.

Tabernacolo of Sant' Ambrogio in Florence

A polychrome terracotta tabernacle on one side of the square portrays the Milanese bishop who blesses the passers-by. The tabernacle in glazed terracotta, was built by Giovanni della Robbia (1525) and is typical of his style for the richness of colors used (blue, green, yellow, pink complexion, white). It portrays the saint of Milan in place of blessing, in the place that it would be really spent visiting the city of Florence, accompanied by his friend, the bishop, St. Zanobi.