The Uffizi Gallery is one of the most important museums in the world, It’s home is the Palazzo degli Uffizi in Florence, a building of 16th century, located  near Piazza della Signoria. It contains paintings of some of the best artists of the western world, from the end of  the Middle Age to the Romanticism.

The Uffizi Gallery

The works are exhibited in 45 rooms and each room is linked through corridors lined and enriched by neo – classical statues. The most important walkway is the Vasarian corridor that  connects the museum itself with Palazzo Pitti, passing over Ponte Vecchio.

The most important works exhibited in the Uffizi museum are:

  • Madonna del cardellino (Raphael)
  • Tondo Doni (Michelangelo)
  • Portrait of Battista Sforza and Federico da Montefeltro ( P. Della Francesca)
  • The Venus of Urbino (Tiziano)
  • Bacchus (Caravaggio)

Piazza degli Uffizi is all day long a meeting place for artists, especially portraitists, that entertain tourists. This place is characterized by the massive colonnade that borders it;  over the plain columns there are statues that represent the most important *celebrities* that were born in Florence, from Dante to Benvenuto Cellini.

This statues, made by artists like Duprè or Bartolini, seem like speaking in a dialog without time.


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