The Trattoria da Baldovino in Santa Croce is a popular place for both your lunch or evening meal the trattoria and pizzeria BALDOVINO was founded in 1996 by David Gardner, sympathetic Scottish love with Florence and Tuscany, as well as extensive local gastronomic heritage.

Trattoria in Santa Croce Baldovino


Via San Giuseppe 22r, 50122 Florence, Italy+39 055 241773

You can view the Official Baldovino Web Site or check the official Baldovino facebook page

The primary objective pursued so manic over the years, has always been to offer a menu of high quality and diversity at affordable prices truly democratic, and therefore within the reach of all gourmets. Not least is the importance given to the care of the interior spaces, reinvented to offer a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Thanks to this BALDOVINO has become a true landmark of the Tuscan and Mediterranean cuisine in Florence, where reigns a cosmopolitan and always cheerful. Today counts on the support of the local Café Baldobar, the small space adjacent created in 2010, which remains open from morning to evening, and also serves breakfast!

The menu includes a mix of typical tuscan cousine and revision of the most current trends you can check the menu of Baldovino here.