Trattoria Sabatino in Florence is a real institution in the district of San Frediano, everybody knows the family that has run for generations this homey restaurant.  Locals go there on a daily basis, expect to find folks of all kind: from nearby botteghe owners, to local residents, to experienced tourists that every day at lunch or dinner choose Sabatino for their great, healthy, low fat food.

The daily menu will not change much and that is part of the tradition, 5 – 6 primi, another 5-6 secondi a choice of side dishes in respect of the tuscan cousine.  The team at Firenze Lodging has been going for years for lunch breaks and often for dinner.  The bill will hardly cross the 15 € per person, but the price isn’t the only thing that makes it special: it’s the atmosphere of both owners and clients that makes the complete picture.

Ristorante Sabatino Good Food and Affordable

TRATTORIA SABATINO Dal 1956. VIA PISANA,2/r. – (Porta S.Frediano) 50143 FIRENZE – TEL. 055 22 59 55

You can check the official Sabatino Web Site, or visit the official facebook page

Stefano will attend your orders with it’s cute English accent, Lucia will do your bill with a gist of pure mathematician: pen and head numbers, she is a living calculator.  Laura and he rest of the family immersed in the kitchen preparing the meals.  Do not forget to order deserts they are all home made and so tasteful you will not regret to save that extra space you left for it.

Enjoy, Enjoy, Enjoy!