If you are coming to Florence for a long term stay, you might want to find useful a brief explanation on how utilities are calculated in order to keep yourself safe from high fees and unpleasant surprises at the end or during your stay.

Utilities in Florence

Utilities in Florence are divided in to:

  • Water (service provided by Publiacqua)
  • Electricity (service provided by Enel energia even though liberalization will soon have new  competitors)
  • Methan Gas (service provided by Toscana Energia here again new competitors might provide alternative services)
  • Additional services not covered in this article will be Pay Per View Television, Internet Access, Extra cleaning services provided locally.

Water is misurated by cube meter and has a price range of 1,60 € to 2,00 € per unit of consumption, this might vary from property to property.  Keep in mind water is not so expensive in Italy.

Electricity consumption is calculated by KW per Hour and has a price range of 0,50 € to 0,80 € per unit of consumption, again this might change from property to property.

Gas is also measured by cube meter with a flat fee in the invoice including taxes of 1,03 € per cube meter.

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