Florence is well known for its steaks, meats red and white, primi piatti of game and so on..what if someone in your group is a Vegetarian?  The poor guy or girl will eventually have a breakdown with eating Ribollita and Pappa al Pomodoro every day! Let’s make them a surprise and bring them to the oldest and still very positively reviewed Veggie restaurant in Florence.

Welcome to the Il Vegetariano: Vegetarian and vegan Restaurant in Florence

Il Vegetariano Firenze

Via delle Ruote 30r, Firenze.
Tel. e fax 055-475030

For more information you can visit the Il Vegetariano official web site.

The menu is different every day, is not very extensive (we offer a choice of 3/4 starters and as many seconds) , and take on both the traditional Tuscan and Italian cousine in general. Only fresh ingredients are used and cooked specifically for the various dishes not using any frozen product the menu is divided fairly evenly between vegetarian and vegan dishes (ie without any product of animal origin).

You can also create delicious salads to taste by choosing from a variety of raw vegetables and steamed displayed in the window.  The pride and joy of the restaurant are the desserts, which they directly produce and renew continuously! The house wine is produced by bio-dynamic Casale (farmhouse), both the red ( Sangiovese ) and the white (Trebbiano ), also those in the bottle are exclusively organic.

So your Vegetarian friend will thank you very much!