Florence do surprise the eyes every day.  There is no way that the beauty of the city can ever become boring, not even after walking the same street a thousand time, or looking at a place for the millionth time.  I recall this because during jogging I used running down the bridge Ponte San Niccolo from Piazza Beccaria and turning right entering in San Niccolo: well the view of the Lungarno and the Ponte Vecchio caught my eyes and breath every single time no matter how many times a week I’d look at the same direction.

One itinerary I’d suggest while in Florence is the one that starts from Via dei Bardi and takes you up to Via di San Leonardo, passing for Forte Belvedere and Via di Monte alle Croci, you will feel like in the medieval times.

To get the best out of this area once you are in Via dei Bardi, put away your map, turn off navigator and simply start going up, you will not get lost but only like this you’ll be able to enjoy at its best the scenery and mix of nature, old buildings, spectacular views that only Florence can offer!