Piazza della Repubblica in Florence is the largest and most beautiful squares in the city center with high end cafes and restaurants (touristy yes but also good) is a must stop for everyone visiting the city.

Piazza della Repubblica a Firenze

Things you can do in Piazza della Repubblica in Florence

Trying one too many coffees

You like Italian Coffee? Small, strong that will keep you up all night? In Piazza della Repubblica you just have to choose which one you like as in this square you find the highest concentration of the best coffee places you might have dreamed off.  Be careful though it’s pricey so if you are budget minded just don’t sit anywhere outside do as most Italian do: order one of the different types of coffees we have and drink quickly standing up, 1 € is the damage.

Choose from paszkowski, Giubbe Rosse Caffè Letterario, Caffè Gilli they are all part of the Florence and Piazza della Repubblica history!


Enjoy street artists, manifestation and concerts.

Piazza della Repubblica is always crowded with Street Artists and often the square is also host of great open air manifestation, concerts and so on. It really is one of the most fascinating Piazzas of Florence and the real hub of the city center.

Piazza della Repubblica a Firenze Italian Reunification

Take your kids “a fare un giro sulla giostra!” or “take a ride on the carousel!”

If your coming with kids I’m sure they will appreciate this gist of comprehension of you wanting to teach art and sculpture at young age and if they’ve been good that was they deserve.  In piazza della Repubblica a few years ago was built the first monument for Children, yes the Carousel.

Carousel in Piazza della Repubblica in Florence

 Do not forget also to:

Do some shopping at Rinascente or Zara, to check for some books at Edison library (have a coffee there too please) check out the other touristy (but good & not cheap) I missed, view the painting on the ground from various street painters, take some pictures in front of the Obelisk, peak at the wealthy folks staying at the

Pictures credit: Jon Gonzalo Torróntegui