Florence is a city that can certainly fulfill you expectations in every season.  You can come anytime of the year and still find a city with a lot to offer from events, quality food, fashion and sure history, art and a lot more!

Coming in Spring! 21 March – 21 June

Life and gracefulness from the end of March until June if you are planning to come to Florence in Spring well, lucky you, it’s probably the best time to come to Florence!  The temperature is mild from 15 – 18 degrees in the morning till 23 – 26 in daytime downside is High Season so expect many tourists and a busy city!

 Coming in Summer! 22 June – 22 September

Early Summer is still pleasant and if you plan to hit the nearby beaches just an hour drive away, well, it’s the right time to come.  Until the end of June the temperature is fairly ok but expect a pretty strong heat with very little escape to it, the city in August is home of tourists as many Florentines flock away to their summer homes (for those who’s crisis has yet still left a home!). Temperature between 28 till 33 up can really make your sightseeing a diet session, drink a lot of water and enjoy!

Coming in Autumn! 23 September – 22 December

Early Autumn is just as good as Spring in terms of temperatures mild and pleasant until the end of September and beginning of October.  Keep in mind it’s still high season so there are many tourists, as for the city life Florentines come back from their summer, kids start going back to school and Florence begins with a new regenerated life! September and October are very recommended months to spend in Florence.  November sees rains and by middle December winter’s ready to chill out your skin.

Coming in Winter! 23 December – 20 March

Florence on Christmas and New Year is also a very demanded tourist spot so prepare some coats and jackets and come enjoy Christmas Holiday in our city.  The atmosphere is charming with decorations on main streets and shops ready to take your contribution.  January and February are considered low season and along with November are the only 3 months where you actually can see prices drop and many special offers, if your goal is to stay little longer, at least a week, is the right time to appreciate the calm of the city, no cues at Museums, a real true Florentine experience as a local.

During winter month’s in Florence there are at least 40.000 foreigners on long term stays such as students, teachers, so please remember apartments are still busy with these kinds of clients.

Photos from: joiseyshowaa