As from the previous article finding a restaurant and eating in San Lorenzo it’s an easy task so here follows another list of places you can try while visiting Florence.

1) Ristorante Pizzeria Nuti – Pizzeria and Ristorante in Borgo San Lorenzo

The ristorante Nuti is one of those places that you would call a “Tourist Place” is in fact crowded with tourists all the time, but not always Tourist Place = Poor Quality or Not Good food, reading reviews on Trip Advisor you’ll find a both good and bad reviews as everyone’s has different opinion.  I have been in Nuti once, honestly isn’t my local place but its sure a place you can go and have a quick service, good food at an average price.

Ristorante Nuti in Florence


Via Borgo San Lorenzo 22-24, 50123 Florence, Italy+39 055 210145

You can check the Il Grande Nuti official web site or visit the Il Grande Nuti facebook page

2) Restaurant Da Giannino in San Lorenzo great reviews all around!

The restaurant da Giannino comes very well reviewed from both TripAdvisor and Other review resources online.  Many restaurants lined up together in the tourist most visited spots can appear all as tourist traps, well Da Giannino is not a tourist trap for sure and you can enjoy Tuscan recipes and Great Florentine dishes without feeling scammed in a tourist trap restaurant.

Da Giannino in Florence

Giannino in San Lorenzo via Borgo San Lorenzo 33/35/37r

Ph. +39 055 239.97.99 You can Check Giannino Official Web Site as well as Giannino Facebook Page

The restaurant is placed in an old mercantile gallery of the 1600 of which one can admire the architecture. Born after 1920 as ‘Old Tavern’, it has been gradually developing around the typical Tuscan country cooking tradition offering now a comfortable place with spaces for couples, families and groups.

3) Restaurant la Cantinetta: All for wine lovers!

La Cantinetta was born from the passion of four Italians, raised in the Florentine restaurant industry, with a vision to experience typical cuisine, differently.

Ristorante la Cantinetta in San Lorenzo


Borgo San Lorenzo, 14 Florence
phone (+39) 055 213525

You can check the Cantinetta Osteria in Florence official web site and Facebook page here


La Cantinetta is proud to offer a principally Tuscan wine selection, from Chianti Classico to Brunello di Montalcino. Preffered bottles from important regions in the North and South of Italy are also on hand.