December is at the doorstep and this fall, Florence has kept its’ surprises and festive alight. On top of the list is as always is the Christmas Market in Santa Croce. Right from the 1st of December the German stalls will fill up the whole square. The choice of purchasing bags, hand-made shawls, Christmas decors and a wide variety of accessories is available.

Christmas in Florence

Last but not the least is the opportunity to leave the pizzas and pastas for some time and get hold of one of the best German hamburgers. Some of the typical classical meals like the various sausages with onions, or a steak of pork along with fires, special packaged cheese and salami, fruits dipped in chocolate as well as the delicious sweets are some dishes to tempt the visitors during the night. A cosy-homely effect reanimates the Santa Croce square. No worries, the huge merry-go- round pub is there to welcome you too. Wine, beer and hot chocolate are definitely not to be missed! All this for 19 successive days, attracting not only anxious visitors, but even a majority of the Florentine populations living on the outskirts of the city as well.

Florence at Christmas

That’s’ not the only Christmas scoop of course! For those who love to feel like imagining Santa’s home town or for others  just looking to have a merry time, from the 4th to the 12th of December, the Stazione Leopolda presents to you the  Florence Noel.  In this beautifully decorated village setup, it never stops snowing!  Snow flakes gently glide down while the interiors are filled with a great variety of Christmas presents to choose from. The decorations are very skilfully done. For those who fancy home decoration ideas, here are some good tips for it! Many playing activities for the kids, delicious chocolates tasting stalls and a decent restaurant to keep everyone together are the perfect way to live up the ‘Christmas Dream’. Don’t forget to spot the Santa Clause post box! Oh yes, look for that and leave a letter with your wishes. All the requests find their way straight to Santa in person and if you have been good, there will be a surprise for you very soon!

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