Arezzo Near Florence

Arezzo is a town located in the central part of Tuscany. It is famous for its antiques market and the famous Saracino.

Getting there

  1. By train: It is just 40 minutes away from Florence. There are hourly trains that go regularly. Make sure you take the 50 minute one instead of the super regional train that will take you 1 hour and 30 minutes with the same price! From Rome the regional  and some intercity trains stop by Arezzo as well.
  2. By bus: There are buses that reach Arezzo as well though I advice you the trains since it is very well accessible with the train. In any case here is the Sita website.
  3. By car:
    fom Florence click here
    fom Rome click here

It is a typical Tuscan town located on a hill. In the plain around and beyond the station is the more modern part of Arezzo while the more one goes towards the center it portrays the old houses of the town. The Duomo is located on the top of the hill which has a wonderful view once ontop. Piazza Grande, Museo archeologico, Museo statale d’arte Medievale e Moderna are the attractions but there are some areas for example the tower half destroyed that has been recostructed after the world war etc which will keep you enjoying the walk. Arezzo’s greatest artistic treasure is the set of frescoes by Piero della Francesca called La Leggenda della Vera Croce, in the church of San Francesco. Started in 1452, this Renaissance masterpiece tells the story of the ‘True Cross’.

The award winning movie La vita e’ Bella (life is beautiful) with Roberto Benigni has been made here, in fact you will find many bars named after the film. A movie to be seen even if you don’t come to Italy. Its just too good 😀

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What to eat & drink

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