When arriving by train in Florence, you’ll get in in Santa Maria Novella Train Station, the station isn’t a brand new one but sections are being over the years improved and renovated so even if you don’t have to expect a fancy new station it gets the job done, with ATM’s, Cafes, Mc Donald’s, and some other known and less known primary services for travelers.  When you will be looking for a cell phone in Florence, this area might be your first bet.

Santa Maria Novella Train Station in Florence


As you exit the train station you are already steps away from the main monuments of the area such the Basilica of Santa Maria Novella a Dominican Church located just opposite to the station.

The Church is famously known for its frescoes and funerary monuments. There is a large square right outside the church called Piazza Santa Maria Novella.  On the main road towards the Cathedral off to Via Cerretani and Via Panzani is the beginning of one of the most frequented areas for shopping.

Church of Santa Maria Novella in Florence


To organize your stay well, at the Santa Maria Novella station itself there is an information office that will help you with all the questions you would like to ask.

What to see

Church of Santa Maria Novella in Florence

Santa Maria Novella Church in Florence

Santa Maria Novella is one of the first historical Churches of Florence,  in which the Gothic characteristics are evident such as the  glass decorated windows and the coverage with the groin vault and pointed arcs. It is located…

Fratelli Alinari

The Alinari Museum of Photography

Founded in Florence in 1852 by Leopoldo Alinari (1832-1865) and by brothers Joseph (1836-1890) and Romualdo (1830-1890), it was the first museum dedicated exclusively to photography in Italy and around the world.  The archives house the company’s heritage…

The Church of Borgognissanti

Piazza, Borgo and Church of Ognissanti

The area just behind of the train station offers several points of interests including one of the nicest streets in Florence, Via Borgognissanti, its Piazza and the less known church of Ognissanti where Sandro Botticelli is buried. Welcome…

What to eat & drink

Restaurant Belcore in Florence

Carmine and Abdel just by the name of the two friendly Restaurant Managers you realize that also Florence is finally metabolizing culture mix. Sure is, Via dell’ Albero is becoming one of the few real nice characteristic parts…

Missing Hot Dog in Florence – Temple Hot Dog the Cure

If you can’t accept the fact that during your time in Florence you have no answers for Hot Dog carts of your favorite yummy sandwich before your stump your feet and tear your hair hold on with the…

Trattoria al Contadino

A Pranzo dal Contadino: At Lunch at The Farmer!

This is the place for what you’ll thank Firenze Lodging mentioning it as the Trattoria Al Contadino offers very good food at very good price, yes in Florence: from 8.50 € to 12.50 € for full meal lunch…

Trattoria dai 13 Gobbi Florence

Another Great Restaurant in Via del Porcellana: I 13 Gobbi

Florence has for sure a great offer for good restaurants, trattorie, osterie, pizzerie and choosing were to go with so much abundance makes people from Florence extremely picky! Florence is also well known for its dozens of family…

What to do and Where to go out

Officina del Profumo Florence

A visit to the Oldest Pharmacy in Florence!

The famous perfumery (not longer a pharmacy now) of Santa Maria Novella is located in Via della Scala 16 and its considered to be the oldest historical pharmacy in Europe, operating without interruption for almost 4 centuries, and…

Sei Divino wine bar in Florence

A Great Wine Bar in Florence: Sei Di Vino

The Wine Bar Sei Divino is a very popular bar in Borgognissanti where friends and regulars meet for a glass of wine, sometimes not just one! The ambient is very nice with a friendly owner and serving top…

Space Electronic in Via Palazzuolo Florence

Dancing Clubs in Florence: Welcome to Space Electronic

Space Electronic in Florence is probably the oldest Club in Florence, born in 69 has entertained Floernce for generations from fathers to sons Space Electronic has been able to maintain quality, sound, innovate and chill for decades. From…