San Lorenzo, the busiest district of all Florence! The San Lorenzo area is just right off the main train station of Santa Maria Novella and covers an area that stretches from Piazza Stazione to Via Faenza, Via Guelfa, and bordering the Duomo area.  It has the highest concentration of small hotels, restaurants, the famous Market, must see monuments and it’s always crowded and fascinating all day long!

The San Lorenzo Market in Florence

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San Lorenzo district in Florence is a starting point for any tourist visiting Florence, with its ancient Church where most of the Medici family is buried, the beautiful Cappelle Medicee with its marble chapel and the characteristic and chaotic mercato centrale make it a must see for even daily tours.

The San Lorenzo Church in Florence

If you want to shop for souvenirs, for a leather purse or jacket this is the place to go.  The Central Market also offers a great grocery shopping if you are staying for long term and you want to try the experience to wake up early and enter this Florence Bazaar of fresh meats, fish and vegetable.

What to see

San Lorenzo Church in Florence

San Lorenzo Church and Cloister

The Church of San Lorenzo is considered to be the oldest Church in Florence as the first early construction dates back to year 393 when it was first consecrated. For three hundred years has had the role of cathedral,…

The Medici Chapel Outside

The Medici Chapel in San Lorenzo

The Medici Chapel is part of the Basilica di San Lorenzo in Florence and is the burial place for the Medici Family.  It’s one of the most visited Museums in Florence with over 300.000 visitors a year.  The…

Biblioteca Medicea Laurenziana

Biblioteca Medicea Laurenziana

The Laurentian Library, formerly called the Laurentian Library, is one of the major collections of manuscripts in the world, and an important architectural complex in Florence, designed by Michelangelo between 1519 and 1534. It houses 68,405 volumes, 406…

What to eat & drink

Where to buy fresh fish in Florence

Where To Buy Fresh Fish in Florence

Where To Buy Fresh Fish in Florence Florence isn’t by the sea but is also not far from it. Supposedly fresh fish hits Florence on one particular day: Tuesdays (also Fridays). Why on Tuesday in particular is explained by the…

Trattoria da Mario in San Lorenzo Florence

Trattoria Mario in San Lorenzo Florence

My Grandfather used to say: “If the knives look like they can cut we’ll eat well.” It is an antique expression from a man that appreciated good food way before the emergence of a “foodie” culture or molecular…

Trattoria da Mario in San Lorenzo Florence

Eating in San Lorenzo

Finding a place to eat in San Lorenzo is like not bumping into a tourist at the central station or at the Duomo, it’s practically one of the most prolific ares of Florence in terms of Osterie, Trattorie,…

Da Giannino in Florence

Where Else to Eat in San Lorenzo Florence

As from the previous article finding a restaurant and eating in San Lorenzo it’s an easy task so here follows another list of places you can try while visiting Florence. 1) Ristorante Pizzeria Nuti – Pizzeria and Ristorante in…

Da Nerbone in Florence San Lorenzo Central Market

Eating in Mercato Centrale in San Lorenzo

After scraping up a few of the restaurants in and around San Lorenzo let’s find out a few places really inside of San Lorenzo, we mean really inside of San Lorenzo Market.  The San Lorenzo Market is also…

What to do and Where to go out

Mercato di San Lorenzo in Florence

Shopping at the Banchi in San Lorenzo

Have you got tired of seing the museums and art galleries? No worries, in Florence, theres always a surprise waiting for you around the corner. Right besides the Cathedral where the pedestrian area ends, if you are facing…

Central Market in Florence San Lorenzo

Groceries Shopping at Mercato Centrale in Florence

Restaurants, Chefs, Cooks, Cooking Schools tours choose shopping for groceries at the Florence Central Market because quality and variety of products is second to none in Florence, so why won’t you want to try this unforgettable experience? You…


Learn How To Make Pizza and Pasta at the Club House in Florence

The Club House in San Lorenzo, Via Ginori is a large American Bar, Sport bar, Restaurant, Lounge Bar to accommodate all tastes.  It’s a very large place, at times with live music and with many options for drinks,…