The area of Piazza Signoria and Ponte Vecchio is another piece of art in the open sky, simply walking around in the radius of a few hundreds meters you are immerse in the majesty of ancient Florence.  It’s sad to realize decades of poor administration and lack of any sense of responsibility towards the Bel Paese brought Italy to a very poor condition and you might actually wonder what Florence, a city that intellectually and financially almost ruled the world during the renaissance, would survive without the artists of that time that left us a unique treasures that keeps us going.

The square of Piazza Della Signoria

Piazza Signoria in Florence


Palazzo Vecchio, la Loggia dei Lanzi, the fountain of Neptune, one of the many *copies* of the original David (which finely lives well covered and protected under a solid roof in the Galleria dell’Accademia), the beautiful palaces of  populates this large square with a breathtaking panorama and an always on crowd of tourists taking pictures, conversing, admiring.

The Florence’s most famous museum: The Uffizzi

The uffizzi Gallery in Florence

The name Uffizzi comes from the name uffici word for offices in Italian and was given for its destination for the offices of magistrates by Cosimo I dei Medici.  The construction of the building started in 1560 by Giorgio Vasari with the design of Alfonso Parigi and Bernardo Buontalenti and was completed in 1581.  It stretches from Piazza Signoria to the river Arno, it’s a must see place for every one visiting Florence so in high season prepare to long lines, even though there are some in advance booking services and tour specials to skip a bit of this line.

What to see

Visit Florence – An Archaeological Trail Underneath Palazzo Vecchio

Visit Florence – An Archaeological Trail Underneath Palazzo Vecchio For over seven centuries the Palazzo della Signoria, better known as “Palazzo Vecchio“, has been the symbol of the civil power of the city of Florence. Built between the late…

The Uffizi Gallery

The Uffizi Gallery: The Temple of Italian Art

The Uffizi Gallery is one of the most important museums in the world, It’s home is the Palazzo degli Uffizi in Florence, a building of 16th century, located  near Piazza della Signoria. It contains paintings of some of the…

Loggia dei Lanzi Firenze

La Loggia dei Lanzi

The Loggia of Lanzi is located in Piazza Signoria in Florence, on the right side of the Palazzo Vecchio’s entrance . It’s named after the “Lanzichenecchi” foot soldiers that around the 16Th century were hired by the Holy…

Piazza della Repubblica in the old times

Piazza Signoria on Video HD

An image or a video sometimes is better than a thousand words, here a small video collection of Piazza Signoria while your prepare your trip and come to Florence to view it with your own eyes, and maybe…

What to eat & drink

Dai Fratellini in Via dei Cimatori

The Best Mini Sandwich Ever – Dai Fratellini in Via dei Cimatori

Can you fit a profitable business in less than 5 square meters? In Florence yes, the Fratellini or “Little Brothers” in Via dei Cimatori actually do the impossible and offer the most delicious mini sandwich and a small…

Ristorante Wine Bar from Frescobaldi

Eating at Frescobaldi Restaurant & Wine Bar

The Frescobaldi are a prominent Florentine noble family that have been involved in the political, sociological, and economic history of Tuscany since the Middle Ages;.  In the struggles of Guelfs and Ghibellines the family was split between the Guelf factions of Bianchi and Neri, of whom only…

Old Stove Facebook Florence

The Old Stove Pub a Fresh Beer in Piazza Signoria

What’s better than a fresh beer after a long day walking around the city center? Well wine is what you’ll want to be drinking in Florence but hey wine isn’t that refreshing as a good old beer.  The…

What to do and Where to go out

Shopping Via Roma in Florence

Shopping in Via Roma, Via del Corso and Via Calzaiouli

What about doing some shopping in Florence during your stay, not only souvenirs for friends and family yes they are always welcome but some real past – window shopping! Where are the best places to do some shopping…

A Fiaccheraio and his horse

A Ride with the Fiaccheraio for the Streets of Florence!

“Click Clock Click Clock – Whooh!” this is a sound of the Fiaccheraio whizzing by your ear honking the horn that you will happen to ear once in Florence.  You’ll probably see also smiley tourists – spouses – families…

Museo Galileo in Florence

A visit to Museo Galileo

After poking your eyes with paintings, buildings, squares, bridges, things that are so old that you get a headache counting the years you might be ready for something different! Let’s take a couple of hours of one of…