The Area of Piazza Beccaria and Sant’ Ambrogio in Florence are less known from the main tourist paths but they offer great alternatives to see Florence with the eyes of the residents. Piazza Beccaria is more of a residential area with its connecting street Via Gioberti called the street of the 100 botteghe, or 100 shops.

 Piazza Beccaria in Florence

The area of Sant’ Ambrogio is also known for its Market of Sant’ Ambrogio, similar to the Central Market of San Lorenzo but smaller it’s another great place for shopping fresh products.

Sant' Ambrogio Market

Piazza dei Ciompi and the area around the Sant’ Ambrogio offers also interesting things to see, like the church of San’t Ambrogio, Piazza Ghiberti, The Loggia del Pesce and more.

What to see

The Church of Sant'Ambrogio in Florence

The Piazza, the Church and the Tabernacolo di Sant’Ambrogio

The church of Sant’ Ambrogio was mentioned for the first time in 988 as a building constructed on the site where in the year 393 would have been hosted St. Ambrose in visiting Florence, but perhaps it is…

Piazza dei Ciompi and the Loggia del Pesce

Piazza dei Ciompi and Loggia del Pesce

Dedicated to the protagonists of the Revolt of the Ciompi, this simple little square was open only in the thirties of the twentieth century when were demolished several blocks of Santa Croce for a renewal of the area.…

Via Pietrapiana Florence

Borgo La Croce, Piazza Ghiberti and Via Pietrapiana

The best way to appreciate this area is probably just having a walk around Piazza Beccaria, Borgo La Croce and Via Pietrapiana.  There is a special atmosphere surrounding the area that will make you fall in love with…

What to eat & drink

Le Murate Restaurant

If you are looking for something different that conjugate excellent food quality plus a strong artistic environment, Le Murate restaurant is your restaurant. This is one of the top restaurants of Florence and you will not have to…

Trattoria Cibreo in Florence

Restaurant Caffè and Trattoria Cibreo

In Sant’ Ambrogio the district of Piazza Ciompi, Via Pietrapiana, Piazza Ghiberti very few Florentines do not know Fabio Picchi an example that artists can also make their masterworks behind a kitchen, and this would be to say…

Trattoria Da Rocco in Sant'Ambrogio

Eating in the Mercato di Sant’ Ambrogio

Just as it happens in the Mercato Centrale in San Lorenzo, also the Mercato of Sant’Ambrogio can be a perfect spot for a quick meal during day time.  The Market Closes at 2 pm so your only chance…

What to do and Where to go out

Shopping in Florence Via Gioberti

Shopping in Florence Not Like a Tourist in Via Gioberti

Via Gioberti streches from Piazza Beccaria till Piazza Alberti and is probably one of the most well known shopping areas in Florence, it’s in fact called the Via delle Cento Botteghe or in English the street of the…

Nightlife in Sant’ Ambrogio in Florence

Nightlife in Florence probably starts in the area of Sant’Ambrogio thanks to the many restaurants and cafès makes it a perfect starting point for an after dinner drink before delving in the city center. You can start your…

Teatro del Sale in Florence - Internal

A different Night Out at Teatro del Sale!

The “Teatro del Sale” is a very unique and impressive place (restaurant) with the atmosphere of the theater. Maria Cassi is the godmother of the hosted shows and performers and review personally the programming.  You most likely need a…