San Niccolò lies on the other side of the River Arno, turning left from the Old Bridge. Just 200 meters ahead lies the Pitti Palace, the residence of the Medici family. If you are near the Santa Maria Novella station, take the bus number 23 to reach San Niccolò. It is a pleasant walk along the river and is the closest root to reach Piazzale Michelangelo on foot.

San Niccolo in Florence

San Niccolo is a very interesting district of Florence with a lot of historical points of interest as well as aperitifs spots and original shops with a mix of old artisan botteghe, is for sure a walk you can’t miss while visiting Florence.

Zoe, Chioschino, Jaragua, Joyce and Rifrullo are some of the cool joints in this area. This area is almost completely under the ZTL zone, that means only those having the permission to enter the center can pass with their vehicles.

Photo Credit: Pescaia di San Niccolo in Florence,

What to see

The Arno river - Florence

Arno River in Florence

The Arno river shares a long history wth the city of Florence. It originates near Mount Falterona, near the Appenine mountains to later on spread itself in Toscany to ultimately flow into the Marina of Pisa. The Arno…

Forte Belvedere in Florence

Forte Bel Vedere an Ancient Florence Fortress

Forte Bel Vedere also called among Florentines just Belvedere is a fortification in Florence built during the Medici 1590–1595 from Bernardo Buontalenti to protect the family during times of epidemic or wars. It has afterwards served to garrison…

Itinerary San Niccolo

Walking Itinerary in San Niccolo

Florence do surprise the eyes every day.  There is no way that the beauty of the city can ever become boring, not even after walking the same street a thousand time, or looking at a place for the…

What to eat & drink

Eating in a Grocery Shop at Zeb

If you are looking for a reasonable priced restaurant in town and you want to taste simple, regional food cooked as it was used to you have to go to Zeb, which stands for Zuppa e Bollito, two…

Eating in Circoli – where no book guide will ever send you

Update !!! Sorry this fun, yummy place has closed … The uniqueness of the web and blogging is that you find lots of info for free and the best local insights about places and things never tour guides…

Il rifrullo Bar in Florence

Enjoy Wine in the San Niccolo Enoteche

San Niccolo district in Florence among numerous artisan botteghe and itineraries is a perfect stop for some good wine with “stuzzichini”, the Italian word for snacks!  The area of San Niccolo offers many interesting places such as Enoteche,…

Restaurant in San Niccolo la Beppa Fioraia

Eating Fuori Porta at the Beppa Fioraia

Another great restaurant in Florence and in the area of Forte Belvedere and near the Jaragua night club is the Beppa Fioraia a colorful and friendly place open at lunch and dinner with an outside area very welcomed…

What to do and Where to go out

Sun Bathing in the Arno

Sunbathing at the Arno

Like in the Florence old days when the Arno was not too much polluted and people use to bath and fish, today Florence Administration has promoted a nice area for at least little sun bathing, don’t dare swimming,…

Aperitifs in San Niccolo Zoe

Aperitifs in San Niccolo the Hot Spots!

San Niccolo district in Florence offers a great choice of aperitif spots for sitting and relaxing after a walk day tour!  On the left side of the Lungarno between Ponte alle Grazie e Ponte San Niccolo you’ll find…

Jaragua disco club in Florence

Clubs in San Niccolo

Latin Dance in Florence for 30+ and 40+: Salsa at Jaragua The Jaragua Dance Club is probably one of the oldest dancing club in Florence, age is little higher and is not that suitable for early 20’s and…